Aesthetic Laser Treatments

Aesthetic Laser Treatments

Aesthetic Laser Treatments

Acne and acne scars are some of the most common skin flaws. While some people aren’t affected by such blemishes, others feel that these aesthetic imperfections stand in the way of their confidence.

Aesthetic laser treatments can be an effective part of any acne treatment plan. Dr. Morris and the team at Morris Medical Center use LightPod® laser technology — which is gentler and more effective than traditional laser technology — to target acne and help clear it up. The treatment is available to adults as well as teens. The precision laser works by heating up the acne bacteria, sebaceous gland, and surrounding skin, which effectively destroys the bacteria, reduces oil production, and helps reduce swelling and inflammation. This treatment is ideal for long-time acne sufferers as well as those who don’t want to take oral acne medications or haven’t had success with them. LightPod laser treatments have few side effects and generally require very little recovery time.

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