Medical Marijuana Treatment

Medical Marijuana Treatment

Medical Marijuana Treatment

A state-of-the-art therapy that helps patients with debilitating illnesses relieve pain

What is medical marijuana? You probably already know the basics about marijuana: It’s a green, brown, or gray mix of dried leaves, flowers, seeds, and stems from the hemp plant, also known as Cannabis stavis. It’s typically rolled up and smoked like a cigarette, but it can also be put in a pipe. People may also consume it in food, inhale it through a vaporizer, or spray it under the tongue. Although doctors believe that cannabinoids, the active ingredients in medical marijuana, are responsible for its benefits, researchers still don’t know exactly how medical marijuana works. There’s no question that it does work, however, for the patients who rely on it. Medical marijuana is commonly used for: Pain relief Anxiety Appetite stimulation Nausea and vomiting Shingles

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