Medical Weight Loss

Medical Weight Loss

Medical Weight Loss

What’s included in the program?

The medical weight loss program is comprised of 3 major phases:

Phase 1: The first phase starts with an initial consultation to identify your target weight and discuss any medical issues or concerns. Dr. Morris will work with you to develop an individualized, medically-appropriate plan designed to get you to your goal safely and efficiently. During this phase, Dr. Morris and his team will monitor your progress on a weekly basis to make sure you’re progressing.

Phase 2: The second phase begins once you’ve reached your target weight. During this transition, Dr. Morris and his team will encourage you to take your physical activity to the next level, adjust your nutritional plan accordingly, and gradually reduce any weight loss medication you may be taking until it’s no longer needed. Dr. Morris will continue to keep track of your progress on a weekly basis.

Phase 3: The final phase of the program focuses on long-term health and wellness. After making the right lifestyle changes to successfully reach your target weight, your final, life-long goal will be to continue making the kind of healthy choices that keep the extra weight off for good. Because Dr. Morris is passionate about helping his patients achieve long-term results, he and his team are committed to providing continuing support on a monthly or quarterly basis, depending on your needs.

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